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Memo Health Assistant app medication screen

Manage your Medication

Memo Health Assistant is the health app that's free for everyone - and helps your loved ones as well. Hundreds of people use Memo Health Assistant to manage their health every day.

Our medication module is really easy to use:

Recognise Medication By Barcode

Memo Health Assistant automatically recognises your meds when you point your camera at the barcode.

Set simple reminder alarms

From there you can add a schedule to get Memo Health Assistant to remind you to take your meds and track your progress.

Book Appointments Anytime

Memo Health Assistant is the most convenient way to book an appointment for a health related service. Simply search and book from the app at any time of the day or night.

No more waiting in line.

Discover HealthFindr
Memo health assistant app booking screen search
And that's not ALL

Memo Features

Tracking symptoms

How are you feeling? Let Memo Health Assistant help you to log your progress to recovery

Help your loved ones

Add medications for your loved ones, book appointments for Gogo all from within the app

Ready to help

Our team is always ready to help you with anything you need. Just open the app and shake your phone for support


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