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Your Body, the ultimate weapon against the flu

Flu - And just like that, you’ve got an unwanted guest in your body. No worries, your body can totally handle it.

Maybe your wife’s poked an accusing finger at your boep and teased you that the extra padding is grounds for divorce, or you may have been asked, “Does my butt look big in this…?” Either way and contrary to popular belief, your body is a lean, mean, virus-fighting machine.

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If you didn’t know, here’s the good news. You can’t get exactly the same kind of ‘flu ever again, because your body would have developed antibodies to fight the invaders. But, just as clever as your body is in fighting these viruses, they don’t miss an opportunity to mutate, so as to subtly change their biology.

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There are hundreds of strains of ‘flu viruses out there, and the chance of contracting one (or two, in a season) is quite likely, especially if you have a compromised immune system, or are experiencing high-stress levels. Sneaky ‘BUG’gers, huh… saw what I did there?

fight the flu_getmemo
Meet the bugs

But, all’s not lost. The great news is that your body is well-able to fight these mutations and the various strains too, and as miserable as it is to get the ‘flu in the first place, your body will have – or develop – all the ammo it needs to whip the ‘flu’s butt… all over again.

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The final word on ‘flu…

This blog brings our ‘flu series to an end but just remember, ‘flu can worsen, and it can sometimes be pretty serious. So, take care of yourself, visit the doctor at the first sign of ‘flu, and listen to everything your doc says. Certain ‘flu meds can you leave you feeling a bit drowsy, and with all this going on, it’s easy to forget to take the rights meds at the right dose, at the right time.

So, simply download the Memo Health Assistant app, get a daily reminder to take your meds when you need to, and get well soon! Available on Android and IOS, just click on the image below.

fight the flu_getmemo
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